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About SMEI – Foundation for Marketing Education

SME Foundation for Marketing Education

The SME Foundation for Marketing Education is an international effort to make excellence, achievement and sound practices watchwords for future sales and marketing professionals. With so many conflicting messages, so many distractions, and the temptation to take shortcuts weighing so heavily on young people who wish to make sales and marketing their lives’ work, the SME Foundation is determined to nurture those values that we know have lead so many of us to successful careers.

Now is the time to return those blessings by holding up these values as a beacon for future generations. You can do your part by becoming an active participant in or donor to SME Foundation activities that arm young people with the tools they need to compete and excel in the rewarding free-enterprise environment.

Now that you have come to value the practices and principles of the sales and marketing profession, how can you help ensure that they will grow and endure? How can professionals who see that success flows from commitment, integrity and hard work, pass along those values to young people who are entering the profession?

What is the SME Foundation for Marketing Education?

It is an independent non-profit foundation, created by SMEI to carry out one of SMEI’s Five Founding Principles™ – assisting students. It means the establishment of programs to help high school and college students understand opportunities in the sales and marketing profession. Working through schools, educators and youth organizations, it seeks to stimulate career interest in sales and marketing and to improve sales and marketing education.

What Can You Do?

You can help with a generous contribution to the Foundation. By doing so, you will enjoy continuing ties with the corporate and academic community, ensure high-caliber recruits, support vital research and development, and experience the satisfying pleasure of being a mentor to deserving young men and women.

Donate to the Melissa R. Medley CME Marketing Scholarship

Melissa Medley CME Marketing Scholarship

The Melissa R. Medley CME Marketing Scholarship was established in 2020 to honor the outstanding contribution of Ms. Medley to the marketing profession and the memory of her service to SMEI.

The scholarship fund supports post-secondary students who have indicated their focus with a marketing major.


To find out more about supporting the Foundation, please contact us or write to:

SME Foundation for Marketing Education
PO Box 1390
Sumas, WA 98295