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Nominations for the SMEI Academy of Achievement

Three categories of nominations are accepted for the SMEI Academy of Achievement:

  • Ambassador of Free Enterprise – trainer, author, lecturer or business leader known as a communicator in the field of sales and marketing. This individual delivers the keynote address at the induction ceremony.
  • Posthumous Award – a deceased individual who typically has been responsible for founding a company that is still highly successful today. A family member or senior executive of the firm accepts the award.
  • Pinnacle Award – individuals either retired or currently leading an organization. SMEI members, SMEI chapters or previous honorees may make nominations.

The Nomination committee established by the Academy Board of Trustees accepts nominations. The committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for final approval. Names of nominees not chosen may be resubmitted in future years. Failure to be inducted in the year submitted will not disqualify any nominee.

Nominations may be mailed to the SMEI office located at PO Box 1390, Sumas WA, 98295-1390, USA. Nominations must be submitted using the approved nomination form along with adequate biography and documentation regarding qualification criteria.

Nominees selected for induction will be notified with a formal invitation to participate in the event. The person making the nomination will also be contacted and may be requested to assist in making initial contact with the nominee. Nominees selected and accepting participation will be required to submit a photographic portrait for exhibition in the Academy of Achievement located online. Nominees must be willing to be present for the Academy events to be considered for induction.