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Certified Marketing and Sales Professionals – Founding Fellows Hall

Founding Fellows Hall

The following individuals have made a contribution of $1,000.00 to the SME Foundation for Marketing Education.  By their generous contribution, these leaders have assisted in establishing the Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals Association.  If you would like to add your contribution and become a Charter Founding Fellow of the Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals, please click here.  Charter status is limited to the first 100 Founding Fellows.

  1. Richard McLaughlin, CME CSE, Texas, USA
  2. Gerard Edwards, CME CSE, British Columbia, Canada
  3. Jim Bruhn, CSE, Tennessee, USA
  4. Donald K. Covington Jr, CSE, Maryland, USA
  5. Melissa Medley, CME, Mississippi, USA
  6. Rex Fithian, CSE, Texas, USA
  7. Nathalie Roemer, CSE, British Columbia, Canada
  8. Willis Turner, CAE, CSE, British Columbia, Canada
  9. Lance Ross, CME CSE, British Columbia,Canada
  10. Tanis Cornell, CSE, Plano, Texas, USA
  11. Jeffery Jackson, CSE, Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, USA
  12. Burt Smith, CME, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA