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Certified Marketing and Sales Professionals

Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals

The Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals (CMSP) was founded in the mid-1980’s to initiate and govern SMEI’s worldwide professional certification programs.  The first certification candidates were granted their designation in 1987, and since then, hundreds of candidates have proven their competency in professional marketing and sales by meeting the requirements for certification.


CMSP is grateful to Thomas Ingram, Ph.D., CSE and Harry H. Summer, Ph.D., CSE who both helped lay the groundwork for the certification programs.  Dr. Ingram was instrumental in putting together one of the first study guides for the SCPS® program.  Jack Wood, CME, CSE of Nationwide Insurance Co. provided the sponsorship for the marketing of SCPS® during its initial launch.


Without the dedicated support of many volunteer leaders with vision in the sales and marketing profession, past and present, SMEI’s certification programs would not be possible.


For more information on SMEI’s Certification Programs, please visit our website.