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About SMEI – Mission and Vision

About SMEI

SMEI is devoted to helping sales and marketing professionals around the world reach their full potential. Our unique value proposition lies in our wide range of professional certifications, providing individuals with a competitive edge by validating their experience, knowledge and professionalism. We strive for excellence so that every member can thrive through better career preparedness and advancement opportunities.

As a global leader in the field of sales and marketing, our mission is to foster an environment where success is not only achievable but expected; enabling members to make meaningful contributions to businesses everywhere. Our vision is creating a more interconnected, successful future for everyone involved in sales and marketing today.

SMEI Mission

We inspire sales and marketing professionals to attain their highest level of competence by setting a global standard of professional credibility enhanced by relevant knowledge sharing and mutually rewarding peer connections.

SMEI Vision

To be a globally recognized association of sales and marketing professionals whose mandate it is to certify professionals and support them continuously throughout their professional development with educational resources and network access.