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About SMEI – Awards

SMEI Awards

SMEI encourages excellence and dedication by supporting awards to those who practice the highest standards and make significant contributions to the organization and the profession.

CMSP Founding Fellow

The CMSP Founding Fellow program recognizes individuals who have supported SMEI’s Professional Certification Governance program by making a contribution of $1,000.00 or more to the SME Foundation for Marketing Education. The CMSP is open to all SMEI certified individuals.

Don K. Covington, Jr. Award

Presented annually, the Don K. Covington, Jr. Award recognizes the SMEI Affiliate or Chapter, outside of the host affiliate or chapter, having the highest attendance record of members at SMEI’s annual conference. This award was inspired by Don K. Covington, Jr., CSE, who has served SMEI Baltimore/Washington and SMEI in various volunteer leadership capacities. Don has attended every SMEI conference since 1955 with the exception of one year when he was in hospital recovering from an airplane crash. Don currently serves on the SMEI board as Director Emeritus.

Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award® (DSMA®)

The Distinguished Sales & Marketing Award® honors outstanding members in SMEI communities who have positively contributed to the profession and their community. The DSMA® awards are given out annually by SMEI affiliate chapters. Visit our DSMA® website for further details.

Jack Criswell Award

The Jack Criswell Award for meritorious service is presented annually to a member of SMEI who has gone above and beyond expectations in their service to SMEI and the sales and marketing profession. This award was inspired by Jack Criswell, CSE, who served as Chairman of SMEI and later as the Executive Director for many years. Jack currently serves SMEI’s Chairman Emeritus.

Ken Arbuckle Fellow

The Ken Arbuckle Fellow program recognizes individuals who have made a contribution of $1,000.00 or more to the SME Foundation for Marketing Education. The Ken Arbuckle Fellow program was named for the founder of the SMEI Academy of Achievement, SMEI’s sales and marketing hall of fame. A list of the Ken Arbuckle Fellows can be found on the SMEI Academy of Achievement web site.


SMEI Academy of Achievement Pinnacle Award

The SMEI Academy of Achievement Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame was established in 1990 to recognize notable lifetime contributions to the free enterprise system through personal and corporate success in sales and marketing. It is SMEI’s Hall of Fame, honoring those whose qualities of professionalism, ethical standards, leadership, and excellence have made the free enterprise system work and made the world a better place to live.

Each year, honorees are selected by an international board of trustees for induction into the International Achievement Hall of Fame. Nominees must be business executives of high moral character who have played a major role in the success of their company through leadership in the support of sales and marketing.

One person also is named Ambassador of Free Enterprise as a communicator in sales and marketing. One posthumous honoree may be selected each year. A display of portraits and information about the inductees is maintained in the Academy’s Hall of Fame. For more information visit

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