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Academy of Achievement William Tillinghast

William Tillinghast*

Inducted 1994

Proving that customer satisfaction and understanding customer requirements are more than 90’s buzz words, in 1949 he and co-founder Albert Juilfs pioneered the development and production of the first air-driven stapler and delivered it to an automotive customer (GM) eager to increase both its quality levels and production rates.

This followed his purchase in 1946 of the Michigan stapling distributorship which he owned for five years. His initial focus was on the potential and need for air-powered fastening tools for the automotive industry.

Today, SENCO is the largest manufacturer of air-powered fastening systems, with over one third of all its tools shipped around the world to forty-five countries and fasteners manufactured in eleven countries. SENCO was awarded the Presidential “E-Award” in 1962 and the “E-Star Award” in 1970.

Tillinghast has been Chairman of the following organizations:

• Fund drive for the School Foundation of Cincinnati
• Industrial Stapling and Nailing Technical Association
• The Greater Cincinnati United Appeal Campaign

He has been a Director and Trustee for:

• The Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
• The Council on World Affairs
• The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

He has been a member of:

• The Cincinnati Airport Advisory Committee
• Board of Trustees at Wilmington College
• Cincinnati Chapter of Sales & Marketing Executives International
• Southern Ohio District Export Council
• American Management Association General Council

*Deceased Member