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Academy of Achievement Linda Lingle

The Honorable Linda Lingle, Governor of Hawai‘i

Inducted 2008

Governor Linda Lingle recognizes that the world is rapidly changing because of technology, innovation and globalization, and as the state’s chief executive, she is leading Hawai‘i to meet these unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities during this pivotal and exciting time in history.

Governor Lingle is focused on increasing Hawai‘i’s prosperity, preserving its special quality of life and conserving its incredible natural resources by reducing the over-dependence on land development as the primary driver of the economy. To achieve these goals, she has launched the Hawai‘i Innovation Initiative to develop the capacity of Hawai‘i’s citizens to innovate. This will enable companies to compete effectively in the global economy of the 21st century and create new, higher-paying jobs in the state, particularly in the fields of science, technology and engineering.

In moving Hawai‘i forward, Governor Lingle continues to emphasize her mandate for state government to lead by example, particularly in the areas of innovation, renewable energy and fiscal accountability. Her Administration has forged strategic public-private partnerships to deliver programs and services to improve the state. She also encourages residents to take personal responsibility for building a better Hawai‘i through their unique personal capacities.

Under Governor Lingle’s leadership, her Administration has expanded and diversified the economy while prudently managing the state’s budget. As a result, Hawai‘i’s economy is the strongest it has been in more than a decade and continues to grow faster than the national average, while also maintaining one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates.

The environment has also been a top priority for her Administration. Governor Lingle helped to establish Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, the largest conservation area in the United States, which encompasses the 1,200 mile-long chain of atolls and reefs known as the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Under her leadership, the state has also expanded efforts to combat invasive species, promoted citizen monitoring of natural resources, launched the first comprehensive improvements to state parks in 40 years and dramatically increased funding and staff for the Department of Land and Natural Resources.