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Academy of Achievement Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson

Inducted 1991

Co-author of The One Minute Sales Person with Spencer Johnson, Larry Wilson heads the Pecos River Learning Center, a 2,000-acer ranch in New Mexico that serves as a high performance laboratory for many of America’s top corporations. Its fame has now spread to the international scene, and it has served companies from overseas as well, including Germany and Japan.

Larry Wilson began his career as an insurance agent. He earned the distinction of becoming, at age 29, the youngest lifetime member ever (at that time) of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table. Leveraging his selling experience, it wasn’t long before Larry was a much sought-after speaker. That experience, in turn, led to his founding the Wilson Learning Corp., a business he built so well that he was able to sell it for $16 million! Larry, a dynamic and inspiring speaker, says, “My true gift is what I believe, and I offer my understanding of myself-and others-in terms of selling.” This seems to be a winning formula, because Larry Wilson remains excellent at what he does, and has earned worldwide recognition in the twin fields of high performance achievement and selling.