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Academy of Achievement Joyce Hall

Joyce Hall*

Inducted 1992

Joyce C. Hall’s first experience in the business world came at the age of eight in his home town of Norfolk, Nebraska, selling sundries and toiletries door-to-door. He helped in his brother’s stationery store, and by the time he was 14, Joyce Hall was distributing postcards over a large Midwest territory. Having heard of the “Kansas City spirit” and the progressive attitude it represented, Hall selected Kansas City as the place where he would make his career. In 1910, he moved to Kansas City, and at age 17, he launched a mail-order postcard business, which he carried on while attending business college. This company, developed into the largest greeting card firm in the world?Hallmark cards.


Hall established the sending of greeting cards as an important social custom, a modern means of “communicating thoughtfulness.” Through projects in art, television and other fields, he sought to share with people everywhere the success he and his company enjoyed. He was active in civil and philanthropic work.

*Deceased Member