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Academy of Achievement James “Chip” Carter

James (Chip) Carter III

Inducted 2001

“Chip” Carter, son of former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, became President of The Friendship Force two years ago. During his father’s presidency, he represented the United States in 26 foreign countries. With his rich experience in international personal relationships, “Chip” has expanded the organization’s role through managing trips to many foreign countries.


The Friendship Force specializes in short-term group homestay programs. Friendship Force “Ambassadors” travel from their home countries to foreign countries, where they are welcomed into the homes of local hosts. After sharing experiences of friendship, personal relationships are established across the barriers that separate people, and differences of language, race, creed or politics become less important. A 1992 nominee for The Nobel Peace Prize, The Friendship Force is active in more than 350 communities in 60 countries. Nearly a half-million volunteer Ambassadors and Hosts have participated through 3300 exchanges, touching the lives of more than two million people, exemplifying The Friendship Force motto: “A world of friends is a world of peace.”