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Academy of Achievement Herbert Baum

Herbert Baum

Inducted 1998

Herbert BaumHerbert M. Baum joined Quaker State in June 1993 as chairman and chief executive officer. The first Quaker State CEO chosen from outside the company, Mr. Baum immediately crafted a clear vision and personally inspired a dynamic spirit for what he refers to as “The New Quaker State.

Since his days as an advertising account executive more than 30 years ago, Mr. Baum has been a passionate advocate of innovative and effective advertising and marketing. Mr. Baum joined Campbell Soup Company in 1978 as Associate Director‑ New Products in the Canned Foods Division, rising to Executive Vice President, President‑ Campbell North and South America in 1992, before joining Quaker State in 1993.

By applying the proven marketing techniques he employed so successfully at Campbell Soup ‑and a few specially developed for the motor on business ‑‑ Mr. Baum has rewritten the rules of the lubricants industry. New advertising, new packaging, new promotions and new products have all helped Quaker State exceed his ambitious goals for improved volume and earnings.

Formerly chairman of the Association of National Advertisers and the Advertising Council, Mr. Baum’s professional awards include the American Marketing Association’s Charles Coolidge Parlin Award for his outstanding contributions to marketing, and co‑recipient of the AMA’s Edison Award for marketing innovation with the late Robert Woodruff, founder of Coca‑Cola. He has also been honored for “Reinventing the Motor Oil Industry” by Progressive Grocer magazine and has been named Lubricants World magazine’s 1995 Person of the Year. In the Financial World “CEO of the Year” competition, Mr. Baum received a Bronze Award for his industry in 1995 and 1996.

Mr. Baum is a director of the American Marketing Association, National Petroleum Refiners Association, Meredith Corporation, Whitman Corporation, and The Dial Corporation.