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Academy of Achievement Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay

Inducted 1990

Harvey Mackay was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Both of his parents were first-generation Americans. To help out financially, young Mackay performed a variety of jobs including selling magazines door-to-door, delivering papers, shoveling snow, cutting grass, and serving as a golf caddy. His first job out of college was working in the shipping department of an envelope company. Two years later, he was promoted to a sales position with the firm. His father encouraged Mackay to strike out on his own.


In 1959, Mackay was able to purchase an insolvent envelope company with just 12 employees and outdated equipment. Today, Mackay Envelope Company is a $100 million company with 600 employees that produces 25 million envelopes a day. His business success, coupled with his personal gifts as a speaker have made Harvey Mackay on the nation’s top motivational business speakers.