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Academy of Achievement Clifton Taulbert

Clifton Taulbert

Inducted 2005

Clifton L. Taulbert founded the Freemount Corporation in 1985 while employed by the Bank of Oklahoma. Founding the company was the start of a dream coming true for Taulbert. Having grown up in the Mississippi Delta, in spite of the rigors of legal segregation, Taulbert encountered the “Ice Man,” one of Glen Allan, Mississippi’s African-American entrepreneurs. While working at the “Ice House,” Taulbert was regaled with stories of his ancestors who had carved out a significant life of independence during the 1800’s in a place generally called the “Colored Colony” where they were major landowners. Together, the job and the stories sparked his dream to one day own his own company. His dream became known as Freemount, named for the “Colored” plantation his great-great grandfather named and built in Mississippi’s Issaquena County.

Taulbert’s Freemount corporation made history in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as the marketing company that joined the beleaguered oil-field company owners and introduced Stairmaster Exercise System to the world. Today Freemount Marketing holds significant broker and distribution rights for RESQ energy drink, the only all-natural and sodium-free energy drink on the market.

Once established as a significant marketing company, Taulbert then became able to pursue his passion, writing, which has resulted in nine books. Taulbert’s passion for writing placed one of his books on the big screen, Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored and brought him a Pulitzer-Prize nomination for The Last Train North. Taulbert penned the Eight Habits of the Heart, which instantly became internationally recognized by corporations, schools and governments. Resulting from the success of this book was a new division of the company, The Building Community Institute which designs curriculums and workplace support products while conducting Leadership and Diversity Training worldwide.

Still under the auspices of Freemount, Taulbert continues to write books for the general public, educators and scripts for Hollywood. Taulbert has participated in documentaries, one of which won the Cine Golden Eagle award, The era of Segregation-A Personal Perspective. His picture books for children were recently featured in a major news story as helping to secure the Peace in Iraq. American soldiers were shown in the bazaars of Iraq reading from his “Little Cliff” series to Iraqi children.

The Freemount Corporation is Taulbert’s thanks to the elders of the Mississippi Delta who sought to lift his sights…he continues their traditions.