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Academy of Achievement Charles Sammons

Charles Sammons*
Inducted 2000

Charles A. Sammons learned at an early age that he disliked toil and preferred to be a thinker. Born in Ardmore, Oklahoma – Indian Territory, he was orphaned at age 11. From humble beginnings and without benefit of college training, his unique management style led him through various endeavors, and eventually to the insurance industry. With two associates, Sammons formed Postal Indemnity Co., which grew rapidly, acquiring other insurance concerns as it grew. In 1938, he began Reserve Life Insurance Co., which became the basis for his future success. He made generous donations toward health care and medical research.


The “Charles A. Sammons Tumor Institute and Radiation Center” at Baylor University Medical Center, opened in 1977, was made possible by his $1 million challenge. In 1962, Sammons formed Sammons Enterprises, a holding company to facilitate ownership of his various companies.