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Academy of Achievement G W Bill Swisher

G. W. Bill Swisher

Inducted 2000

As founder and Chairman of the Board of CMI, G. W. “Bill” Swisher, Jr. has led CMI Corporation in the development and issuance of over 50 U.S. and foreign patents relating to automated equipment for the construction, transportation, mining and process control industries, with automated heavy industrial equipment that has helped revolutionize the way roads are built.

In the mid 1960’s Swisher launched what would become CMI’s history of innovation with the introduction of a family of AUTO-GRADE trimming and paving machines.

The first product was a two-lane pavement sub-grader, which automatically guided; leveled and controlled speed. This automated machine increased productivity four times more than any other existing machine in the paving industry and had a accuracy rating ten times better, thus increasing the productivity of grading contractors by over 500%.

In the decades that followed, CMI went on to produce new and innovative products in other areas of paving technology. Even though the company’s innovations were helping contractors work faster and with greater accuracy and higher profits, Swisher was not content with the level of technology in CMI’s new product areas. With an eye to the future, Mr. Swisher led CMI to increase productivity and extend the application of all its new products. This quest to improve the status quo remains a driving force in CMI’s engineering, product development and marketing.

Today, CMI employs over 1200 people, including numerous sales representatives who travel outside the USA, helping increase the company’s business in the Southern Hemisphere.

Swisher, a trailblazer in his corporate field; is also a leader in governmental, community and civic activities. He has served on the Board of numerous Committees and Associations, a few of which include The Road Information Program, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, the American Transportation Advisory Council, the United States Patent and Trademark Advisory Council, the Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Greater Oklahoma City and the Boy Scouts of America. He has been awarded Scouting’s highest national leadership honor, the Silver Buffalo.