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SMEI Certified Trainer Application

SMEI Certified Trainer Application Form




 Certified Sales Trainer 1  Certified Sales Trainer 2 Certified Marketing Trainer 1 Certified Marketing Trainer 2





SCPS™ in good standing

SCPS™ and CSE® in good standing

SCPM™ in good standing

SCPM™ and CME® in good standing

Taught at least 1 SCPS™ course in a classroom setting

Taught at least 1 SCPS™ and CSE® course in classroom setting

Taught at least 1 SCPM™ course in classroom

Taught at least 1 SCPM™ and CME® course in classroom


  1. Have successfully completed SMEI’s current certification exam preparatory program(s). If you have not completed an SMEI online certification course in the past 4 years you will be given discounted access to a refresher course using the latest material.
  2. Received a satisfactory rating on post-training evaluations of learners. Survey administered and reviewed by SMEI
  3. Conduct an applicable live training program, web based or classroom based within one year of application for certified trainer
  4. Job description includes responsibilities as a trainer
  5. Renewal requires satisfactory ratings and proof of training activity
  6. Digital badge will be issued for each certification training program, and may only be used in conjunction with content authorized by SMEI and for SMEI professional certification exam preparatory programs where learners are enrolled and where SMEI has received applications and fees for professional certification.



$450 One-time application fee (covers up to 4 of the above certification programs)

$150 Annual renewal fee


Please complete the following form along with the application fee. Your application will be reviewed and follow up information provided.