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Open the Mind and Close the Sale

The Key to Success in Selling!

A new version of an old classic, this primer reveals time-tested principles that will propel you to the summit of sales success!

This powerful classic, “Open the Mind and Close the Sale”, will:

  • reinforce timeless foundational selling principles handed down through the ages
  • reveal time proven methods to help you build trust and lasting sales relationships
  • help you develop a positive attitude about selling
And, you’ll positively love the vintage style of writing!
Open the mind and close the sale book

Yes, please let me know when the book is available!

Open the Mind and Close the Sale,” updated for modern readers by Willis H. Turner, retains the essence of John M. Wilson’s original guide to professional selling published in 1953. This seminal book, a cornerstone in sales literature, has been revitalized to address the evolving dynamics of the sales profession, incorporating changing societal roles while maintaining core sales principles. It serves as an authoritative source, offering insights into the art of selling, the importance of sales in driving the economy, and practical advice for sales professionals aspiring to achieve excellence in their careers.

Key Principles for Professional Selling:

  1. Selling as a Profession of High Order: Recognizing sales as a vital profession that drives the standards of living and turns the wheels of industry.
  2. Knowledge and Continuous Learning: Emphasizing the importance of product knowledge, understanding customer needs, and continual learning to adapt to market changes.
  3. Professional Attitude and Skills: Developing a professional attitude towards selling, including integrity, hard work, and dedication to personal and professional growth.
  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Focusing on satisfying customer needs through a consultative approach, building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.
  5. Adaptability and Innovation: The necessity for sales professionals to adapt to technological advancements and changing market dynamics, while staying true to proven principles in their selling approach.

These principles, distilled from the book’s content, underscore the timeless nature of fundamental sales strategies while highlighting the need for modern adaptations.

“Open the Mind and Close the Sale” is a transformative guide that integrates John H. Patterson’s seminal sales principles with contemporary selling strategies. Patterson was the founder of NCR and recognized as the father of modern selling.

What Sales Leaders are Saying About Open the Mind and Close the Sale

“Open the Mind and Close the Sale is a gem for anyone in the profession of selling. It delves into the core principles, emphasizing the importance of sales as a vital profession that drives industry standards and elevates living standards. The book underscores the significance of continuous learning, product knowledge, and understanding customer needs to adapt to evolving market dynamics. It advocates for a customer-centric approach, focusing on building long-term relationships through trust and mutual benefit. In addition, this book provides a comprehensive framework for sales professionals to enhance their selling skills, cultivate a customer-centric approach, and thrive in the evolving sales landscape while staying rooted in timeless sales principles.” – Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power

“Loved the list of 20 characteristics needed to train salespeople in Chapter 2. Maybe you’ll read this and get inspired to prepare our next generation of sales pros for greatness?” – Dan Seidman, author of the Ultimate Guide to Sales Training – Potent Tactics to Accelerate Sales Performance

Success in sales begins within and this book unlocks  your inner mind in a manner few other books are capable of doing.  The relevancy of this book to how we sell today defies time.  The number one challenge salespeople have is closing the sale. This book shows how the secret to closing the sale begins with how we see the customer and what we sell. This is not a book you read, this is a book you apply. – Mark Hunter – “The Sales Hunter

About the Authors

John M. Wilson

John M. Wilson, former Vice-President, Sales, The National Cash Register Company (NCR) started as an office clerk, rose to junior salesperson, Branch Manager, Dvision Manager, and Vice President, Sales of NCR, which is recognized as the founder of the science of professional selling.

Willis H. Turner

Willis H. Turner, President, Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. (SMEI) has served in his role for over 25 years, championing the recognition of sales as a profession. His travels around the world have helped to unite a worldwide cause of professionals who recognize the fundamentals of sound sales principles including ethics, life-long learning and sharing knowledge.