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Vancouver – Diploma Program FAQ’s



    SMEI Diploma Program in Marketing & Sales Management FAQ’s 

                   Have Questions?  Call Bonnie Turner at 604-266-0090 or email

      • Are SMEI Diploma Program students automatically members of SMEI Vancouver?
        Yes. Applicants will have one year of membership in SMEI Vancouver included in their tuition fee.
      • What are the education prerequisites? Do I need to have any previous university credits? Is a grade 12 equivalency acceptable?
        Grade 12 equivalency is the only formal academic prerequisite along with proficiency in English.
      • Are there University transfer credits with this course?
        This depends upon the institution to which the student is applying. At UBC, no credit as of yet.
      • How much homework is involved with the course?
        This varies by student and time of year but the norm seems to be around 15 hours/week.
      • Who issues the grades/transcripts? Who issues the Diploma at the end of year 3?
        As per UBC policy no “official” UBC transcripts are issued. However, a letter on official letterhead stating grade and completion is issued by the Sauder School of Business.
      • How do I claim my tuition?
        SMEI Vancouver will issue a T2202A.
      • What do I do if I lose my original receipt?
        Contact SMEI Vancouver and request a replacement receipt.
      • Where (how) do I submit a change of address?
        Contact SMEI Vancouver or log into your online account. 
      • Is there either a minimum or maximum age restriction for taking the course?
        No, but there must be evidence of relevant work experience.
      • Are students eligible for a student loan with this course?
      • Does the applicant need to take an English competency test before being accepted into the program?
      • How long must a person have been in a management position of sales or marketing before applying for the course?
        The more management experience, the better! Typically, most students have at least 3 years.
      • How do students get a library card?
        The card will be issued in class during October after student names have been sent to the UBC library by the course director.
      • How and when are grades issued at the end of each year? When can the students expect to have received their grades?
        Grades, via letters of completion, are sent out about 4 weeks after the finalexam.
      • What if Grade 12 was completed in another country?
        An equivalency evaluation will be conducted by UBC.